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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
~Love Kaden
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PostSubject: Pets!   Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:39 pm

Here are the companions each race gets to pick from, you have two choices per race. Enjoy!

Demon Companions

A monstrous hybrid creature composed of the parts of more than one animal. With the head of a sabertooth lion with large and deadly horns over his head, a second head of a goat with four crimson eyes and razor sharp fangs. Their body is muscled with bright red fur and black scales, front paws are the combination of a lion and a reptile and their hind legs ending in hard hoofs. Finally a venomous black cobra replaces their tail with his neck covered in spikes. Their personality is just as harsh and unstable. In a moment they can be a loyal and calmed cat and at the next they will try to show who in command. Hard to win their trust but once you succeed a strong beast will surpass any hardship. Prefers hot places and can endure the highest of temperatures, hating water and cold places.
60 drachmas

Demons have a thing for several heads. This huge dog has three of them, each with a deadly pressure in their bite, being able to crush any bone or skull in a second. They have a rock-hard black skin with spikes coming from his back and sides. Near their hips, this creatures have long and hard tentacles to trap their victims and shining orange eyes like burning coal. They enjoy hot places but it will not make a difference if its cold either, liking as well to dig holes usually to dig their master as a game. Loyal like every dog and will never leave their master's side. Just like the Chimera, their heigh to the shoulder is about 5 feet tall as an adult. Each head has its own brain and hence their own personality, so fight between themselves are usual for foor or attention.
50 drachmas

Guardian Companions

A mythological hybrid similar to the Gryphon, but in this case the head and front legs are of a stag when the wings, hindquarters, and tail are from a bird. Their fur and feathers are usually white with beautiful patterns on their wings and tail. They are slightly smaller than a Gryphon but their endurance is better, being faster on earth. Perytons cast the shadow of a man until they kill one during their lifetime, at which time they start to cast their own shadow. Not as obedient and loyal as Gryphons, being a challenge to those who like to test their training abilities with these creatures. Once controlled, they will kill for their master without a doubt.
45 drachmas

Majestic legendary creatures with the head and neck of an eagle and front legs ending in strong talons with long sharp claws, combines with the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion. They are also called Griffins, being said to be special powerful creatures with a remarkable intelligence. They are able to fly amazing heights with that heavy muscled body, including their master on their backs. They will follow every order and are perfect guardians of treasures and priceless possessions. Their bond with their master is so deep that of he or she dies, the Gryphon will fall on such a depression that they will die in the next days due to the lack of food. Soft fur and feathers cover their body, being from a shining gold to a dark brown, a hard beak that can easily cut an iron bar in two. Once their claws trap their prey they will never let go unless their master orders them to. Can surpass the 5 feet of height to the shoulder.
55 drachmas

Viking Companions

Imagine a dinosaur with wings. These ancient legendary creatures with reptilian traits have four legs, a long muscles tail that helps them to fly and balance while walking, and huge wings that are able to lift their huge size. Their bones are hollow, with the exception of their skull, column, and paws, to weight less and fly. Hard and rough scales like a crocodile's that are constantly changed for new ones, just like their claws and fangs when they are lost. Their age can be calculated by the number of rings on the horns over theirs heads, getting one every year. Their color can change depending on the season, helping them camouflage slightly with their habitat. Up to 20 feet high to the shoulder, being these the biggest and rarest ones, and the most difficult to control, especially in flight. They are very strong creatures that love constant training and both low and high temperatures.
65 drachmas

Very similar to the dragons but with a main difference, these only have two legs, being their wings also their arms. They only reach up to 15 feet to the shoulder but they are faster than the dragons in both air and earth. Their scales are darker and their body is usually covered in spikes, especially over their heads, along with their horns, and along their spine and tail. Theor wings have three long claws or a single sharp hook to hold themselves and trap their prays when they aren't flying, using then their talons like an eagle. Wyverns can even sleep upside down from trees and caves and are more social than dragons, enjoying running even more than flying.
55 drachmas

Mermaid Companions

A very large sea monster with a snake like body and the flippers of a seal. Their skin is hard like the corals he hides in and can vary from a very light blue to a much darker aqua. Lives in the depths of the oceans and resiats very low temperatures. Their size can vary from 40 feet up to 100 feet (the size of a blue whale), being these the strongest, rarest, and hardest to capture and train. Strong and calmed but very territorial, causing fights between their same species if they aren't well trained. They will protect their master above everything else, but when things are calmed, they prefer to be alone close to the coral caves at the bottom.
65 drachmas

This mythological creature is also recognized with the name 'water horse'. They can be in both freshwater and saltwater, at the contrary of the leviathan who only lives in saltwater places. They have the head of a horse but the body, tail, and flippers of an aquatic animal, resembling those of a lion fish, with long whiskers on their snouts like those of a cat fish. The underside of their tails have small white spikes with a paralyzing effect that can vary in strenght, numbing just around the injury to a whole organism no matter the size, helping them during fights. Their scales are smooth and and colorful that change depending on the light, producing a slimy substance making them very difficult to catch. They are the most intelligent creatures along with the Gryphons, knowing well how they can trust. Very loyal and kind, compensation their lack of force with speed and agility. They lenght goes around 30 feet from the snout to their tail.
45 drachmas

Witch Companions

A powerful tiger beast that has complete control over water. This creature is able to use any liquid in a variety of useful and even dangerous ways. Watigers have a solid form and a blue soft fur but can also turn their bodies into water at will, turning into a more traslucent color. They can travel in lakes and rivers, not in saltwater, and become stronger when its raining or when there is a lot of fog. Their size can vary since they can decrease or increase their mass with water, being bigger when raining but smaller in hot climates due to condensation. In cold climates they can even produce ice or snow. They are wise and patient but ferocious and fearsome in battle with a merciless nature as hunters. Solitary creatures that like their own space when they aren't needed, but some might find a strong attachment with their masters. They can be killed but a witch has the power to redirect them with the right spell, a small portion of their original liquid, and another good amount of freshwater, taking a lot of time and energy, so it can't be done during a battle.
60 drachmas

A beautiful legendary bird with total control of fire, and in difference of Watigers, they can not only control fire but create it, being able to produce from a small spark to huge flames, even turning theirs feathers into fire. Just like Watigers, Phoenixes can change theirs size at will but if they are in a humid or cold climate they hey smaller, having difficulty to create fire or not being able to create it at all, especially if it's raining. Their feathers can vary from a bright red to a toasted brown depending on their age and even their emotional state. If killed, they can be redirected in the same way as a Watiger, using a small portion of the ashes and fire instead. If redirected they will come back with the same aspect they had before their death. In case their health or age comes to a limit, Phoenixes will burn themselves to death and a small chuckle will reborn from the ashes. Watigers doesn't have this ability. Phoenixes can also create lightnings but only when there is a storm coming and the air is filled with electricity. They are passive creatures and loyal to a single master, like most of the pets, never leaving their side and being the only pets that can sing a pleasant and soft melody when happy.
50 drachmas
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