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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
~Love Kaden
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 Kaden Parthenopaenus - Guardian Overlord

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Kaden Parthenopaenus


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PostSubject: Kaden Parthenopaenus - Guardian Overlord   Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:40 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kaden Parthenopaenus
Nickname: Boss.
Age: 9,259 years old, but he looks to be 23.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Owns the nightclub within the neutral lands and within his own lands.
Race: Guardian
Rank: Leader and Overlord of the Guardians.

Character Description

History: If you want to know all you have to do is ask.
Personality: Kaden doesn’t have too many sides of him. For and foremost he is a leader, wise and stokic. As a leader Kaden doesn’t play around, business is business, there are other times for playtime. Get caught being childish during business and you’ll be sorry. To him, playtime is his downtime. Relaxing in his home, or, on a rare occasion, going out to one of the clubs to see the people of the new times. Trying to keep up with the times himself. You will very rarely see him out within the public, unless it is at night.  Kaden’s last side, is not one anyone should ever wish to see. It is when his anger and rage take over and leave a shell of a man behind, filled with rage and no mercy. This side of him can only be calmed once it is over. This is his demon killing side. So let him be, demon or not.
Likes: HIs coffee black, his relaxation times, and only some conversation with the Goddess
Dislikes: Conversation with the Goddess, ignorant people, demons, people that ask to many questions, and at times himself.
Strengths: Has a knack for mind reading, is highly skilled in swordsmenship, and is an expert in the pleasuring way.
Weaknesses: Being tied down, his past, and not feeling in control of his own actions.

Physical Description

Appearance: Lets start from the top, Kaden has jet black hair that is short on the sides and a bit longer on the top. That’s just how he likes it. He has a very masculine face, strong jaw line defines his chin. Eyes of a hazel gold, changing color to a swirling silver when the Guardian Goddess wishes to speak to him. Kade’s shoulders and chest are very well toned, as well as his abdomen and legs. Kaden stands to be 6’2. Weighing in at 220 pounds of pure muscle. On his left shoulder a rather large tattoo lays in his skin, its ink creating a trible art that takes up his arm, shoulder, and left pec. Whip marks line his back, raising certain lines down his back in a random pattern. Burn marks on his wrist and ankles remind him of the confinement he was put though.
Identifying Marks: Kaden has a rather large tattoo on his left shoulder, his tattoo being of tribel from his time of the eras. Whip marks and shackle burns on his wrist from his days as a sex slave still are highly visible. But his most outstanding mark is when his eyes change color from a golden honey to a swirling silver, only changing when the Guardian Goddess has shown herself to him.
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 220 lbs, full muscle.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Golden honey, or swirling silver.

Face Claim: Stuart Reardon

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Kaden Parthenopaenus - Guardian Overlord
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