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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
~Love Kaden
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 Shaylin Lake- Reina Of The Mermaids

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PostSubject: Shaylin Lake- Reina Of The Mermaids   Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:33 pm

Basic Information

Name: Shaylin Mussolini Lake
Nickname: Shay
Race: Mermaid
Age: she is 130 years old but looks 21 years old
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: She is a dancer at the club
Rank: Reina/ leader of the mermaids

Character Description

History: Late at night in a large bedroom, a couple was minutes away from giving birth to a child. The female moaned in pain as movement began to get rough. After a few minutes the Reina started to give birth thought out the night. Within a few hours a small child wrapped in pink, look up to her parents with a small cute grin. Her mother held her so and whispered to her as she spoke her name Shaylin.

Living in a castle, Wasn't easy for Shaylin, due to having to be always well behaved and not really having to much fun. She learned her study's from a private teacher and by her parents in how to rule kingdom and how to properly use and control her abilities. Also each night her family threw lavish parties every night in hopes of finding a suitor for her when she is ready. Life was never fun for Shaylin, but the one thing that calmed her down was swimming and exploring the ocean blue. There she made many friends and also met her pet Leviathan that would never leave her side. Shaylin's life had not always been easy for her with each trial and tribulation always following the young lass around.

A few years had past and Shaylin was now sixteen. During this time their kingdom was in a raging war against a rebel group of Merfolk that formed. For most of her life she helped develop strategies with her parents and aided with the menders hurt soldiers. But soon the war took an awful turn for Shaylin, as they was able to defeat the rebel group except that it costed many life which included her parents. After that she had practiced dark magic in silence for many years it helped her to cope with loss but it also torn her apart.

Soon something happened that changed her life as she meet Alexander, a normal human, who gave her love and eased her out of darkness. So Shaylin moved onto land for two years and stayed with Alexander and worked to remaster her abilities that's she learned as a child. Months went on as she realized that she needed to return back to her home and that her relationship with Alexander could not continue. On her return she was crowned Reina and began to rebuild her kingdom in a strong fraction that would be something to be respected with.
Personality: Well to get started Shaylin is a very upbeat lass. She never lets a bad day bring down her spirits. Also she tends to be considered a peacemaker amongst others, as Shaylin uses tactic to help defuse situations that cause tension. Flirtatious and charismatic is another part to Shaylin that shines bright. This gives her an edge to when she trying to make peace or wanting to get something. On a deeper note, she can be a deadly advisory in which she is one tough cookie. She mostly uses her words when she is serious or in a heated situation. Shaylin's mannerisms are refined and poised as she was raised to a certain degree that she picked up on it quickly. This makes her someone interesting but simple to the touch.    
•One of her favorite hobbies is pretty much swimming around all over the place.
•Having friends or people to care for whenever she has time.
•Her job as a dancer at the club is something that she likes to most of the time.
•having magical abilities that helps her out in tough situations.
•Most important, being the leader of her race which makes her feel accomplished and proud.
•Shaylin doesn't really care for her hands or legs to be bounded together as she needs to be loose.
•A pet peeve of hers is those you do not try their hands or attempt to do something, she has no time have lazy people in her group or life.
•Seeing someone fight without a reason is something that doesn't go well with Shaylin as she always likes to have reasons.
•She dislikes being ignored by anyone especially those that are close to her or disrespectful members to leaders of other fractions
•Also those who use their power to gain wealth and greed instead of using it for good or helping others.
* Her ability to shift forms quickly and painlessly due to many years.
* using her charismatic and flirtatious side to get her way or to get her out of trouble.
* Another thing that she is good at is being able to talk with wisdom and kindness to others.
* She is very smart when it come to the finding oceans or seas that most may not know, in which she is valuable when it comes to assistance.
•Shaylin is also strong in her magic, with many years of learning and practicing.
•Shaylin is not very good thinking off her feet, in which she usually like to plan out something.
•Whenever someone hurts her mentally or physical she tends to get emotional, but she mostly covers this half of her up.
•Another weakness of Shaylin is her sometimes being taken advantaged of due to her being nice a lot.
•getting stuck in a net or things that she can get tied up in. Also magical properties that prohibits her to use her own abilities.
•people who always tries to compare her to past leaders of the mermaids.

Physical Description

Appearance: Think of something that has many different parts that may not seem to go together but actually pull off a beautiful image. Shaylin has long dirty blonde hair at the roots that flow down into a platinum blonde color. Her hair is typically curled to give it a bouncy appearance sand fit the form of her face. The color of a dark deep ocean is the color of her pupils which gives off a calm and flirty vibe. On top of her lips is a small mark that adds to her features. She weighs about 99lbs and is 5"3. Shaylin's mermaid form consist of of her tail being a mixture of gold, silver and blue with her top containing the same mixture of color. Her clothing style is refined but edgy in a sexy kind of way. She likes to wear both dark and bright colors in which it depends on her mood at the time. You may see her in a crop top and leggings or a short black dress with stilettos heels.  
Identifying Marks: she has a tiny little mark or mole that is on top her lips.
Height: 5"3
Weight: 99lb
Hair Color: her hair is a dirty blonde near the roots before waving down into a lighter blonde
Eye Color: Shaylin's eyes are dark ocean blue that makes it look like a deep part of the sea.

Face Claim: Kate Upton

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Shaylin Lake- Reina Of The Mermaids
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