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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
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 Viking Information

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Bayletrix Valentra


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PostSubject: Viking Information   Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:28 pm

Viking Information

So you want to be a Viking huh? First off Vikings aren’t always mean, they are humble people that will defend that which is theirs. They have no extra powers, just some of them are liable to kick ass better than others. Vikings live off the land, still using boats for major transportation or horse drawn wagons. All Vikings are ruled by the King and Queen. Each Viking has a place to call home within the village, remember, there is safety in numbers. All meetings of the council and grand feasts are held in the Feast Hall. As a Viking you will travel to far off lands and scout new territory and some of you will stay home to protect the lands. All able-bodied men will be warriors, starting off at young ages and training. All Viking women will be taught to run a household from a young age as well. Such as cleaning, cooking, and some farming skills. Now the Vikings here aren't your normal sea sailing Vikings, even though they love sailing the seas. Vikings here are Shape Shifters. There are three bloodlines that have made it through out the years the Ursa Bloodline, the Panthera Bloodline, and the Canis Bloodline. Bears, panthers, and wild dogs, OH MY!

    Viking Royal Ranks

    High King/Queen - leaders of the clan, they have final say in every decision and are the sole founders of the clan.    

    Thane - this title is the advisor of the clan, they keep a watchful eye on the military side and speak to the King/Queen about the progress of the clan.    

 Freyr/Freya - the King/Queen messengers, they take and send messages to other clans or members of the clan.  


 Skald - this title is given to those whom are apart of the council, only five members of the clan can be on council at a time. Should a council member die, a vote will be taken or the King/Queen shall choose another member suitable for the position.  


  Military Ranks  

    Hersir - leading general, chosen by the King/Queen.    

    Merkismathr - leading commander, chosen by the King/Queen.    

    Radningar - third in command, is like a squad leader, is respected by all members, and will train others.    

    Aesir/Vanir - both elite members, but Aesir are willing to train others and Vanir are not.    

    Berserker/Valkyrie - a well trusted rank, respected by all members, and highly skilled as well as dedicated member of the military. A berserker is a male and valkyries are females.    

    Thegn - scouts, they have proven themselves to the clan and are a valued member of the military. They are sent out before every march to scout out the pathways.    

    Drang - basically the privates of the military, they aren’t completely new anymore but they still need more training.    

    Thrall - completely new to the military life and ways, they know absolutely nothing and start at a young age of 13.    

eмвrace тнaт ιn wнιcн oυr тwιѕтed ѕoυlѕ weave
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Viking Information
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