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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
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 Demon Information

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Bayletrix Valentra


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PostSubject: Demon Information   Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:57 pm

    Demon Information

    Demons are just as any horror ridden tale implies. Nymphs of Hell and the Devil’s walking minions, causing chaos in the streets just for the entertainment. Monstrous and naturally all that of what is not wanted in the world is compiled into the race. In Hell is where they tend to reside and it’s one of few places where it can be considered a sanctuary. These creatures should never be underestimated and even further never trusted. Often considered soulless beasts or perhaps just fallen individuals who let the darkness over take them. Only the Devil truly knows how their existence came about and even then it is a harsh reality that most demons cannot handle themselves. After all, spawns of Lucifer can be a big blow or a blessing.  

Have faster speed and are considerably stronger than most mortals. -Two forms: Humanoid and Demon. Demon Form: This comes about when they are enraged, will it or feel very strong emotions at the time. It varies vastly in appearance, but can be as listed (not limited to): horns, wings, dark colored eyes (unnatural colors allowed), sharp teeth, claws and mostly whatever else the mind can think of. They are at least a foot or so taller than their human form usually. Some cases do find that they are roughly the same size.

Human Form: Even though they are dark creatures, they tend to still hold this forbidden fruit appeal and actually look alluring in many cases. This is so they can pull off a charm that they normally couldn’t with their demon form. In this appearance they are usually taller than normal or seem a bit bulky from muscle mass. Eye colors are usually a natural color, but highly defined. Some blues nearly seeming a pale ice or they can be dark enough to look as if they are an abyss through and through.

Have corrupted souls and are usually responsible for the chaos that occurs in the world.

CAN produce children. HOWEVER, the mother (if not a demon) has a high probability of dying or becoming one herself due to the child corrupting the soul. Both cases CAN be prevented, but is highly to fail. If it does succeed the demon child is of a lower status and is much weaker than the pure demon children. Examples down brow can be seen as possible side effects of half bloods.


 * Demon + Demon= Strongest child  


 * Demon + Viking= Physically strong/Weak intellect  


 * Demon + Mermaid= Smaller frame/High endurance  


 Can’t enter holy places unless there is an opening for them to do so. For example if it’s burning or murder was committed within the boundary.  


    Demon Ranks


  Devil- The one who keeps Hell under a tight grip, often the most feared and the oldest demon of their time. Merciless and was given their title for good reason. They stand alone in ruling because that's how it is deemed it needs to be.  


  Devil's Treasure(s)- These are as close to husbands/wives that the Devil will take. They are ranging in number based on what the Devil wishes, but hold some rank power due to protection under the Devil. Their soul purpose is to help produce  -Devil's Spawn or help raise them.  


  Devil's Spawn- Princes and Princess' of darkness, these are the next generation that may take up the Devil's torch. They hold a higher standing than the Devil's Treasures solely because they could be the next generals or perhaps the next Devil.  


  Deadly Seven- These are seven (7) of the most pronounced demons in existence. They are war lords and keep the hoard in line based on the factions they are from. Also these seven tend to be the most trust individuals in Hell to the Devil. If asked they are sometimes advisors for a second opinion.  


  Hoard- Guts, gore and battle ready. There is hundreds if not thousands of these demons. They are the protectors of Hell and the army that keeps Hell's gates just for the demons. Trained to kill and plunder, they are often evaluated by the Devil themselves.    

Seeker- These are the information seeking worms. Their job is to get even the smallest amount of useful intel on someone or a group. Usually, these are the lithe individuals who are better at interacting or seducing others.


  Beast Keepers- Only two (2) are allowed in this rank. Beast Keepers are those who keep Hell's lovely creatures in line. Also demons themselves. Think of a Prison Guard, but glorified a few notches. Torture and the likes comes with the job. So be creative and get carving.  


  Blood Letters- There are four (4) of these individuals unless they take on an apprentice. In which case they are allowed one (1) apprentice to continue their work if something happen. These are the healers and they are usually busy keeping up with the mass numbers of the Hoard.  


  Civils- These are the common folk of Hell.  


  Screechers- The lowest on the tier. These are usually half blooded demons or perhaps prisoners of war if they survive long enough. It is incredibly difficult to remove oneself from the Screetcher status and the seemingly only sure fire way to do so is to become part of the hoard. Even then more often then not they are treated poorly. Just not as bad as the ones that do not join.  

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Demon Information
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