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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
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 Race Origions

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Bayletrix Valentra


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PostSubject: Race Origions   Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:17 pm

Race Origins

Demon Origin

These beings were never humans that lived, but spawns from Lucifer himself. They date back to the beginning of time. Being as old as 10,000 years of age. Demons are immortal, but there is one way to kill them, dismemberment. You must tear, rip, cut, or sever the body from limbs and head and burn them in Hell Fire. Only then will the demon will truly be dead.

Guardian Origin

Guardians are another immortal and live lived race. Having been here since the time of the beginning as well, the first guardian to have ever been created was a man named Gabe, who was wronged and killed. In limbo a Goddess will come to those whom she thinks worthy and give them a chance of revenge, to then their souls are hers and they serve her in balancing the chaos of demons with the good of the Guardians. There is one way to kill a Guardian, to stab their Mark. The Guardian mark is a tattoo on any part of their body that the Goddess took their soul from. Guardians can be as old as 11,000 years old.

Vikings Origins

Vikings are humans, and a fairly new race to the world. The first Vikings were here around 1066, many generations have passed and built an amazing home for future generations. Being human they are not immortal and are easier, but not the easiest to kill, since they are very handy with swords and other blades. Do not be fooled, they are very well skilled in their trade of swordsmenship. Although if you make friends with a Viking they are very loyal. Vikings normally live till they are in their 70, since times on mortal lives are hard.


Mermaids are not immortal but live very long lives, some even as long as 230 years. The mermaid race was found around the time of the year 1000. Mermaids are the most neutral of the races and are normally the peacemakers. Since mermaids are not immortal they can be killed by sickness, old age, and of course those whom have a bounty out for one. Although they are peacemakers, do not be fooled. They can hold their own when they need to.

Witch Origins

The witch race was born in Salem in the 1800. Even though they are the youngest race they are also very skilled in their arts. Dealing with spells and potions. Witches are the best healers of all the races, since they are so skilled in herbs and their natural powers. Witches are not immortal but like the mermaids, they live very long lives. Up to 150 years old matter a fact. Even though many witches don’t go looking for trouble, when trouble finds them they can use their spells for defense.

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Race Origions
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