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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
~Love Kaden
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 Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)

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Kaden Parthenopaenus


Posts : 23
Join date : 2013-11-19
Age : 22
Location : Hell, literally

PostSubject: Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)   Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:40 am

Kaden sat in a hot water filled tub. He was sore, everything ached from his head to his throbbing knees. His head leaned back on the rim of the tub. Scents of lavender and soap filled his lungs. His bright green eyes closed as soft music came in from the window on the wind. New welps lined his back from the lashing he had taken earlier that day from a Senator engulfed in sexual rage. His jaw hurt from being hit repeatedly. Kaden’s head hung limply to the side as he was exhausted from his day of trails with appointments his father had made for him.

Hearing the door to his bath chambers burst open it father stalked in and to him, grabbing his jaw to make Kaden look to him,”do not think your day is over boy, we have a last minute appointment for a woman who has offered me big money to have your body for the next hour” Kaden’s heart sank into his stomach. His only wish was to be left alone in his solitude just for a moment. His father let go of his jaw harshly, tossing his head to the side; causing pains to shoot through his face as he closed his eyes again. “Get up!”,his father snapped at him, grabbing him by his hair and pulling him to his feet and out of the tub. Kaden never once yelled out in pain, he was used to think by now. It was a daily event. Beatings. Lashings. Scolding glares. They all came with his fathers “love”. Dragging Kaden into the bedroom, he looked up and saw a woman standing her. She was naked, as they all were when he saw them. For Kaden’s father had kept him as a sex slave. Being half God made him valuable, and his father planned to put his talents to some good to make money.

His father stirred him to the bed and threw him upon it, looking to the woman he asked,”do you wish for him to be tied to the bedpost mi’lady?” The woman said nothing but shook her head no. His father nodded and then bowed out of the room. Kaden sat on the bed, the women nearing him as he watched her to see what she wanted done first. The lady kissed him, rubbing her hands over his chest…

Slowly Kaden sat up out of bed. Looking around his room he was alone. Darkness still had it’s grip on the sky. With a sigh he flipped the covers back, got out of bed, and put his sweats back on. Heading downstairs for something to possibly eat and drink. He would decide when he got there. Rubbing his eyes to wake up he walked down the stairs, a pain in his jaw shot through his face; clenching his jaw he stopped and took a deep breath before walking again. Making it to the kitchen he opened the fridge, looking into the bright light with slightly squinted eyes, yawning. Taking out the orange juice he turned and grabbed a glass from the shelf and pour the orange juice into it. A moment later a woman stood in his kitchen. Kaden’s eyes turn to swirling silver. “Hello Kaden, it has been a long time.”,her voice was sweet and warm like honey. But it made his skin crawl in disgust. He stood there for a moment in silence before speaking,”hello Goddess. It has been quite a while, what brings you here at three in the morning?” The Goddess walked towards him, but he took a step back; so she rushed into an embrace he didn’t wish to give. Her voice was soaked in lust this night,”touch me Kaden, make me feel like I know you can. Like I am loved.” Kaden threw his hands up and backed away, his voice low and in warning,”the last time I had done that your brother speared me. Here.” He pointed to the large scar on his left hip. ‘So no, I shall not be making you feel anything.”, taking a sip of his drink the Goddess turned red, as her bright red hair. She snapped at him,”that wasn’t my fault! You used to love me! What has changed your mind?” His blank expression turned to a warning glare as he stalked towards her. Kaden’s voce lowered even more, almost a whisper now, a deadly whisper,”that was until you used me like all the others had. Paying my father to use my body. I have nothing for you.” He had backed her into a corner of the kitchen, she shed one tear and then vanished. Once she was gone Kaden has relaxed, taking a deep breath. His eyes returning to their normal bright green.

Deciding to go to the club, he went upstairs to get dressed; bringing his juice with him. Entering his bedroom once again he sat the glass on a table and went to his closet. Picking out a black shirt, some well fitting jeans, and his black boots as well as a leather jacket. Downing the juice he left the house and headed for the night club.

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Elexzra Domine


Posts : 3
Join date : 2016-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)   Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:31 pm

Not only had she woke up to the news going off about some freak duplex fire, but when she had gotten home from her morning jog, she had found something in the mail that sent her heart flying. Crashing into a welling pit of anxiety as the ring rested in her palm. Taunting her and bringing back those god awful memories. The scar across her pelvis started to ache, as if just by some mere memory her body was linked to the past pains. Shaking her head she had clenched the things tightly in her palm, feeling the cold metal pierce a circle into her palm before she threw it across her desk. Hearing the ricochet of the metal tap against things with a force before dead silence fell over the room in a heavy cloak. She hated them, every single last one of those fuckers. Raising a hand to her face, she found herself pressing her back to her wall, the chill biting against her back before she let the black of her wings envelope her.

Shaking from frustration before she felt the familiar prick of tears threatening to escape her eyes. As a Guardian, it made sense one didn't talk about the moments before they died or the past that lead to the event of such. Elexzra being no exception. Even Kaden had jammed salt in an already opening wound. Kicking her leg out, she felt her foot go through the drywall. Lulling her head back to meet that of the wall behind her, she gave out a heavy sigh, wiping at her cheeks to clear away evidence of the turmoil she was having inside her head. Letting it out in a shaky stream, she eventually got up. Deciding she was just going to go out. Not giving a damn if Kaden wanted to see her in the Guardian Quarters or what have you. At this moment she was not stable. The new recruits would end up dead if she got ahold of them at the moment.

Heading up her stairs the woman slid on black leathered pants that hugged her curves in the most astatically pleasing of ways. The length of her legs accentuated with a little skin peaking through due to slits in the sides. Wiggling on a loose fitting white shirt that exposed a large portion of her back. The glow of her skin coming out even more so do to the lighting. Not one to shy away from bold colors, her lips were stained scarlet and she pinned a side of her hair back. Her chest still tight with the troubles of the ring. Leaning forward, hands clenching the sides of her sink, she looked at herself in the mirror. Shaking her head before she just flipped the thing off the wall and slipped her feet into heels. Black and studded. Just like the thick bracelets concealing her scars on her wrists. Grabbing her jacket she head out the door slamming it shut behind her.

Even walking down the streets her aura suggested if someone pissed her off any further there would be hell to pay. Her gaze fell blank except with the faint trace of a smirk. Fiddling a cig from its box she lit it up, taking a long drag before she flashed a flirty grin towards much younger girls, exhaling. Smooth and slow, tilting her head towards the inside of the bar to invite them in. Pretty things deserved to get in no matter what time of day. Heading to the counter, she slammed her hand down, leaning enough to flash a little something with a nymphs grin. "Absinthe." Cocking a brow briefly her smirk flushed widely before shooting it down easily. She may have been born in the dark ages, but she rather adapted well to the new age.

Heading onto the dance floor she grabbed onto a young mans waistband. No hesitation in her actions as she ground her pelvis into his. Obviously she was on a mission.
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Kaden Parthenopaenus


Posts : 23
Join date : 2013-11-19
Age : 22
Location : Hell, literally

PostSubject: Re: Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)   Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:05 pm

Kaden finally made it to the nightclub, parking his car he killed the engine and got out; lockin it. His boots made a  soft pat on the concrete. Walking up to the bouncer that stood outside he paid the toll and went inside. The place was jumping already, lights flashing everywhere as people dances and pulsed together in harmony. The DJ spinning some kind of techno music he really wasn’t that all into. But with the night he had so far he needed a drink. He would normally had just went to the bar within the Guardian lands, but he needed to get out of there as well. Kaden found a waitress and smiled to her,”I am going to go grab a seat, I need a burbon though please.” He winked to her and kissed her cheek before leaving her to find a seat and waiting on his burbon. His keen green eyes watched everyone as the dance floor was full. He thought about going to join but decided it would only crowd him. Knowing his luck tonight he would be squished by some hefty chick and her oddball friend, so he kept in his seat. Finally the waitress brought him his drink, the mermaid winked to him as she bit her lip as she walked off. Smirking Kaden took a sip of his drink, watching the pulsing crowd.

After sitting there a while he saw a woman come in and head to the bar. She ordered a drink and then strutted to the dance floor, grabbing this poor boy and thrusting herself on him. They danced for a while before he realized it was his second, Elexra. Kaden raised a brow, wondering why she was here and acting out of her normally calm and collected self. Maybe she finally snapped? Nah. Probably was just having a night about like his. But who knew right? So he decided to let her have her fun until she would spot him. But he kept a watchful eye on her as well as his surroundings. Finishing off his drink he waved down the waitress to order another. Leaning back in his chair he relaxed, feeling good. His wings slightly unfolded, sighing he heard the Goddesses voice in his head as it whispered.. “You used to love me… Make me feel like I know you can!... Kaden rubbed the bridge of his nose, eyes closed as he then took a deep breath and then watched the crowd again.

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Elexzra Domine


Posts : 3
Join date : 2016-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)   Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:19 pm

Perhaps she should have noticed her boss was in, sitting not that far and even watching her indecent display. However, she didn't and thus kept up her act. Trying to desperately get things out of her head that didn't need to be present. When the beat dropped she felt herself be turned, her back feeling the warmth radiating off the stranger she was getting friendly with. Throwing a flirty smirk his way she pressed herself further. If there was one thing, this generation was not shy in what they wanted and usually elder generations had a problem with it, but at the moment she could really care less. Raising her arm, her fingers traced along his jaw line as she lowered. The harsh grip on her waist not really noticed. Not that she would feel it all that much. Rising back up she met the face of her partner and quirked a brow before planting a kiss at his lips.

"Thanks darling." Her voice nearly purred as her skin glistened lightly from sweat. Grabbing her jacket from the rail her hips swayed as she passed a few booths. "Hey Twinks ya up to anything? The boys 'nd gals were gonna head soon. Ya know have a bit of fun." Pausing at a booth filled with a few individuals who often frequented the Crucible. A wide grin pulled her lips as her arm perched on the back of one. "Mm, I just might. We shall see." Her eyes roved over the small group to see if there was anyone that she was interested in snagging up. She was far too sober though and thus her head had decided to start back to the bar. Stretching a wing half way before folding it back in place. Leaning on the bar once again, she still didn't notice Kaden.

Coming here so often, the tender knew her order and just sat a row down for her. Picking up a shot she drank it. Followed by the others. By the fifth shot was when her eyes caught the familiar structure of Kaden and her eyes sparked green. Still clearly ticked with him. Shooting back her last shot of the row, Elexzra felt rather marvelous. Sitting herself on the stool, not far from him her brow rose. Stained lips drawn in a wide smile. "Well aren't you far from the quarters?"
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PostSubject: Re: Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)   

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Nightmares and Daydreams (OPEN)
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