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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
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 Bayletrix Valentra- Devil and Queen of Sanguine Rivers

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Bayletrix Valentra


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PostSubject: Bayletrix Valentra- Devil and Queen of Sanguine Rivers    Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:53 am

Basic Information

Name: Bayletrix Valentra
Nickname: Bay, Satan, Queen of the Red Rivers and many more. These she has taken a fancy to.
Age: 7, 896 years
Sexual Orientation: Polygamous Bisexual
Occupation: Devil
Race: Demon
Rank: Devil

Character Description

History: The years truly combine the longer she lives, but from a time line aspect Bayletrix could give a general. Growing up dating back thousands of years ago, her parents being nothing but dark entities. A memory of something that could resemble paternal and maternal. Born through the death of a demon and raised through the blood thirsty nature of her father. Bayletrix had been born ready for the fires of hell. Even as a young demon having shown great talents for causing the worlds misery. However, as her predecessors before her, she had to fought. Claw and kill to stay alive through the system for the next rank jump. A devils spawn she was, but it meant little in the first depths of hell. Battle born, the woman could often be found spoiling herself in the blood of her fallen victims. Many miles of clear waters having been stained the crimson color of blood. It was this divine aspect of her, to kill, plunder and reek havoc that had her rising. Be it demon or guardian, the woman had no remorse with who she would come to kill next. Boredom or just a mere command given by her high born. Having had siblings at one point, the woman made it painfully clear that only one devils spawn was made to truly survive and it would be her. Upon her reign as a general, only more destruction would follow. Towns burned, cities crumbled and the screams of the innocent was so thick one could taste it upon their tongue. It was paradise. However, her bloodlust and ambitious ways didn't stop there. Why stop at a general when one could take the entire thing? Confronting that of her paternal entity, Bayletrix beheaded him, slain him and mount his head over her thrown. A young devil to take his place and oh how she marveled. War would rage on only deterred with the disturbances of guardians. Throwing her plans a stray, but it never stopped her from continuing with what she did best. By the time she was 4,000 or so, Bayletrix had brought forth her first spawn. A son, hulking and gruseome and many more would come after throughout the years. Some dying by her hand or other means, but the promising ones keeping a place to stay within the remnants of her little black heart. Currently she has 18 spawn surviving within the realm of hell, but now the woman is taking a break, her youngest being that of a hundred years. Producing possible heirs being taxing work and she keeping a sharp eye out to see if they are dumb enough to attempt her end.

Personality:  There is no one way to describe this woman. She is a very complex creature by nature and perhaps she flaunts this complexity more than most. No one container could mold her personality, or define it to a specific. Coy and cunning, Bayletrix is someone to caution yourself around. One never knows what mood she has delved into for the day or the next few minutes really. The woman proudly presents herself as the Devil, making sure she lives up to the name and isn’t afraid to drive a knife slowly into someone’s skin just because she can. Viewing interaction with others more like a game of chess, her outlook is rather simplistic when she is asked opinion on those she does not trust: Watch them squirm. As far as trust goes, she does not give it on a free whim, but if it seems so, best prepare yourself because you’ve been caught up in her game of life. Having lived for thousands of years she often finds herself bored and thus comes the weaving of fates chaos. The Queen of Red Rivers does not love, but calls it special adornment. Her Spawn and her collected treasures being of the few things she adores. However, she is not afraid to pick off the weaklings in the bunch, nor, would she truly give a near care what others thought of her afterwards. As insanity goes, this woman is a far cry from it and does all her deeds with a clear conscious. Wicked in her ways, what isn’t to love? Giving into temptation is a luxury any creature abides by and she knows that each one falls to her sinful whims. Best not anger her though because her human form is not what truly hides under her skin. Pain, suffering and anything else she pleases to do or cause is just part of her many parlor tricks.

- Warm climates
- Playing mind games
- Letting others underestimating her
- Bitter drinks
- Watching the Hoard
- Planning new events

- Cold weather
- Sweet things
- Goody-two-shoes
- Uptight individuals
- Boring victims

- Keeping order
- Double blade combat
- Torture techniques
- Reading between the lines

- Holy places
- Healing
- Her spawn

Physical Description

Appearance: Human Form: Giving off the elegant appearance, her looks are deceiving to what is truly going on in that head of hers. Long, dark locks of ebony trail down her back and nearly pass her hips. Her skin the ever most pale and perhaps noticeable feature of her besides the sharp blue of her eyes. Often times you will find her hair pulled up and on a rare occasion it will be at full length. Delicate and petite for a demon, Bayletrix is a sight to hold. Dark clothing that is form fitting is usually her attire. When her back is exposed one can see the art work etched into her skin. :: Demon Form: From pale white skin it slowly fades to a grey, almost purple in some lighting arrangements, but she still holds a womanly figure. Her hair changes as if the black was wrongly bleached. Turning to a dark brown with red tinting, but remains just as long as it is in her human form. Bayletrix no longer holds her startling blue eyes color, but it instead darkens many shades deeper. Going completely black in a soulless abyss. Not only that, but her height and weight had changed just a bit for the bigger spectrum. Reaching 6’7’’ and 230 lbs, she is much larger than her petite human. Instead of a crown she sports a set of horns just above her ears which have become pointed. Long, slender fingers are now claws at a length of four inches and she has a whip like tail that is rather long. Flexible and strong enough to grab at her victims. What really makes her intimidating though it her wings. Almost like another set of hands, they are precise enough to gently run along someone’s chin or brutal enough to decapitate an individual. At the ends of these dragon like wings are blade like bones and even at the top where a wings wrist would be located the same occurs. (Demon Form:
Identifying Marks: Ear lobes are gauged, Labret piercing, nose piercing and her back his covered in intricate tattoo work. (Tattoo:
Weight:  Human Form: 167 lbs :: Demon Form: 230 lbs
Hair Color: Human Form: Raven black :: Demon Form: Dark brown with red hint
Eye Color: Human Form: Sharp blue :: Demon Form: BlackHeight: Human Form: 5’11’’ :: Demon Form: 6’7’’


Face Claim: Seraphine Strange

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Bayletrix Valentra- Devil and Queen of Sanguine Rivers
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