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Just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Shaylin for working her magic on the ad picture! Thank you soooooo much for that, it looks amazing!
~Love Kaden
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 Elexzra Domine- Guardian Badass

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Elexzra Domine


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PostSubject: Elexzra Domine- Guardian Badass   Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:53 pm

Basic Information

Name: Elexzra Hrothgar Domine
Nickname: Twinkles, Eles, Dom, Domi and only Kaden can call her Elie.
Age: 5, 735 years
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Training new Guardians and whatever else is asked of her.
Race: Guardian
Rank: Centurion

Character Description

History: Born in the woolands of central Europe, Elexzra had been raised by the witches that inhabited the area. She wasn't really much for the craft, but took it up anyways to appease her mother. The coven was small and as we grew tales did too. Ones of monster that were raging about the world, the ones to fear with all you had. So, she had. Staying in the confines of where her coven could protect her until one day she met a man. Young, stupid, adolescent that she was, she lead him into the coven lands. Going as far as marrying the man and conceiving his child. Thing was, something was completely wrong. Constantly she was drained, pain came in constant muscle ripping waves and she was bed ridden for months. Her body deteriorating and her husband showed odd signs.

At six months her body was reaching the end, but the child developing was readying for the world. The man finally let his true nature unfold, deciding to the the last remaining bouts of strength from the woman. Torturing her and running stakes trough her wrists. In the last beating moments she did get to see her child, a monster just as the man holding it was. The grin it sported forever burned in her memory even to this day. That was the last thing she saw before her body took its last breath and her life ended. It was a jaded and foggy memory, her meeting the goddess. However, the pains, the rage and resentment that we felt for the demon she married. It didn't take much for her to take the goddess on her offer.

Upon her awakening the first she was to see was Kaden. His calculating, brooding glare more so attracting her to his person. During the time of the war she had stuck by his side and over the years they had somehow learned to trust one another. By some miracle seeing as they were polar opposites. By record she climbed the Guardian ranks with promise and ascended the rank of Centurion.

Personality: Where to start with this woman? Lively could be a large part of it. She has enough energy to make it seem there is at least eight of her running around during the day. Elexzra can be a fun person to be around and in general as long as you stay in her good graces. Otherwise she can be rather cold, almost doll like as she gets the job done and beats some respect into someone. Not afraid to do the dirty jobs that even the oldest guardians dare not do, she can be very militant. Perhaps in this way is when someone can tell something about her doesn’t add up. However, she would never tell. Not even if she was being pulled apart. She at times can come off as motherly and this is due to many reasons. She’s the entire guardian factions’ mother figure even if you don’t want her to treat you as such. As long as one doesn’t get too nosy about her business you should be fine and remain in the presence of the fun-loving, party-time warrior.

- Alcohol
- Challenging herself
- Fighting
- Being around her circle of friends
- Flirting

- Being questioned
- Being doubted
- Arrogant people
- Those who underestimate her or try talking about things they don’t kknow
- Demons

- “Nicely” getting information out of people
- Single sword combat
- Close range combat
- Persuasion
- Keeping track of minor details

- Losing her circle of friends
- Closed spaces
- Her night terrors
- Failing a task she was sent to do
- Someone using her past against her

Physical Description

Appearance:  Unlike most her skin tone is a bit darker and she keeps her hair rather short most the time. If it is grown out long, it is a rarity and is shortly cut once more. However, with a woman’s elegance she doesn’t look all that bad with shorter hair. It’s black and keeps up with her personality. As for the rest of her, she has several scars littering her body, but most prominent is the ones on her wrists. They are circles of just scar tissue that are in line with the correlating circles on the other side, but they are always covered. Along with this she has stars trailing up her neck base, stopping where the skull meets the spine. Her guardian mark is located on the roof of her mouth, but again it’s hard to tell where such a hidden object is located. When she isn’t fighting or feeling a strong emotion, her eye color is hazel, but she is doing the vice versa it is a sharp green flecked with her existing emotion. Over all, she is a striking woman to the eye and carries herself as such. Her wings are large, raven black and thick feathered. Obviously they are well taken care of.

Identifying Marks:, ear lobes up to cartridge is pierced and Guardian mark is in the roof of her mouth. Circle scar tissue on both wrists usually hidden by thick brackets. Scar across pelvic section from Csection.
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel, but turn green

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Elexzra Domine- Guardian Badass
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